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Excaliber 2 Pull Up Banner

Excaliber 2 Pull Up / roller banner is our premium quality roll up banner! Excaliber 2 banners are available in a selection of widths, and can be single or double sided. The standard graphic height is approx. 2130mm tall and we have either 800 - 1500mm widths available. The roll up banners come with our padded carry case and are lightweight to ensure ease when transporting and erecting the banner. Our high quality printing works exceptionally well against the black out material of the banner.

Additional counter and brochure holder available.


This product comes with:

Tick Stand

Tick Single or double sided bracket

Tick Padded case

Can't decide what design you want?


We have a few design templates and they can be fully customised! Want something else? Call us on 01623 398260 or email and we will help you out with unlimited number of design visuals! 

Product Excaliber 2 banner

Available graphic


800 (w) x 2130 (h) mm

1000 (w) x 2130 (h) mm

1200 (w) x 2130 (h) mm

1500 (w) x 2130 (h) mm


Overall banner


860 (w) x 275 (l) x 2220 (h) mm

1060 (w) x 275 (l) x 2220 (h) mm

1260 (w) x 275 (l) x 2220 (h) mm

1560 (w) x 275 (l) x 2220 (h) mm


800mm - 3kg

1000mm - 3.5kg

1200mm - 4.5kg

1500mm - 5kg

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