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Impact Curved Pop Up Bundle

Pop Up display systems are quick and easy ways to provide creative back drops, exhibitions stands and displays.

It comes with a clever frame system that set up in minutes. Graphics are also attachable onto a Pop Up so you can easily replace the graphic only, which makes it cost effective!

Pop Up display available with single or double sided print.

Text Supplied with straight frames with mag bars, hangers, kickers, and a single roll of magnetic tape

Text Kit includes hinged thermoformed tabletop in beech colour, along with Powerspot 950 halogen lights

Text Smart magnetic locking arms - attracting into place

Text Carry case suitable for carrying both frame sizes and one set of graphics also included in the kit

Product Impact Curved Pop Up

Text Powerspot 950 halogen lights

Text Carry case




3x1 (2019 (w) x 2225 (h) mm)

3x2 (2692 (w) x 2225 (h) mm)

3x3 (3365 (w) x 2225 (h) mm)

3x4 (4038 (w) x 2225 (h) mm)

3x5 (4711 (w) x 2225 (h) mm)


Singled Sided

Double Sided


3x3 - 25kg

3x4 - 32.87kg

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