Lux Displays

Lux are completely portable lightbox display system. Simple to deploy with tool-free assembly. Just remove from the box, twist out the feet of the base panel and use the matching numerical system to connect the remaining panels remembering to insert the horizontal bar. SEG graphics fit into the frame channel and the power cable inserts under the base panel. Plug and play in less than 10 minutes!

Lux One

Lux One is the sleekest profile lightbox we have within the Lux family.


Lux Retail

Lux Retail is a portable 1600 x 600mm double-sided lightbox with white powder coated gloss finish and a pre-assembled single foot.



Perfect for exhibition, event or retail displays, Lux is the quick deployment alternative for illuminating your brand.


Lux Counter

Part of the Lux family, the Lux Counter has a double-sided lightbox and stylish countertop.


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