If you have a question that is not listed here, do not hesitate to give us a call on 01623 398260 or email us at advice@beenoticed.co.uk

1.   Why buy from Top Marquees?
With Top Marquees there are no middlemen. You will be dealing with the first line supplier and we have full control of the design, specification and manufacturing of all our products. We also offer a great after-sales service.

2.    How much does it cost for a quote and visual?
Nothing, we will prepare and send you a quote and visual with no obligation.

3.    Do I get a guarantee?
The product is covered by an unrivalled 5 years warranty for faulty parts and workmanship. T&C apply and can be viewed on the 5 years warranty page.

4.    Can I see the product before ordering?
Yes you are welcome to visit us for a demo, or if you are local our Sales person may be able to visit you.

5.    What fabric is used?
We manufacture all our marquees in a 600-denier polyester that is water resistant, flame retardant and colour stable.

6.    What material is the frame made of?
The frames are made from high tensile aluminium, so they are sturdy but lightweight.

7.    How long will it take me to erect my marquee?
All our marquees are simply erected in minutes and you will receive instructions with your marquee.

8.    How do I anchor my marquee down?
We supply you with a guying kit that includes guy ropes, pegs, bungies, webbing straps, heavy-duty pegs and a mallet.

9.  What if I use my marquee on a hard surface?
We offer a set of Interlocking Weights or Sand Bags Leg Weights that will give your marquee extra stability on hard surfaces.

10.  Can I have printing anywhere on my software?
Yes we do in-house digital printing and can print anywhere on the software.

11.  Do you supply spare parts?
Yes, take a look at our spare parts section.

12.  How soon after placing my order can I expect delivery?
If you contact us on 01623 398260 we will always do our best to meet the delivery date you require.

13.   If I order a frame and canopy can I get sides for it at a later date?
Yes we can manufacture sides for your marquee at a later date.

14.   How heavy are Top Marquees frames?
They range from 20kg to 65kg

15.   Can I fix two or more marquees together? 
Yes we offer guttering so you can fix numerous marquees together.

16.   If I want a plain marquee what colour can I have it in?
We offer 10 stock colours that are always available, but if you require a specific colour not on our stock list we can fully print a colour.

17.   Can I remove the sides of my marquee?
Yes all of our sides are detachable.

18.   Can I have a window or door in my marquee?
Yes we can put a window or a door in the sides of your marquee.

19.   Can I use my marquee in windy conditions?
We recommend that you do not use your marquee in severe weather conditions and because our product can be erected and dismantled in minutes it is the responsibility of the person using the marquee to gauge if it is safe to use. Your marquee is not sold as a permanent structure so we recommend you take your marquee down in the evening and do not leave it out overnight.

20.   Can my software be cleaned?
Yes it can be washed with non-biological powder at a maximum temperature of 30°c.

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