Street Food Marquees and Gazebos

With a large branding area and open frontage Top Marquees make the ideal Market Food Stall.

Printed marquee used as a food stall by Cheddar Spirits

With street food becoming more and more popular it is important to distinguish yourself from the competition and get more customers to your stall. 

A fully branded marquee or gazebo can help you stand out from the other market stalls and be a cost effective way of starting up a mobile catering company.

Easily transported and erected your street food stand will be ready in minutes for you to start trading.

A gazebo offers a full frontage meaning that you have more space to show off and sell your food than say a hatch from a van or a trailer, and customers love to see their food being prepared so they know what they are getting.


We also offer a range of accessories to go with our marquees, so take a look at our finishing touches.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or call us on 01623 398260.

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